Tuesday, September 18, 2012

finally satisfied.

Ok so first thanks to Leelou Blogs for my new layout which makes me finally satisfied with my blog and maybe this will in turn make me want to keep it more up to date. I was just unhappy with all the basic blogger ones considering I used to have my own hosted website which has long since gone by the wayside.
I am hoping to finish up my nephew's scrapbook tonight, which I started back in April. It captures the first year of his life so it is pretty fun to look through :) My hope is to finish it all then be able to photograph it all as well. Because, as much as I love Love LOVE to make a scrapbook for my sister, it is sad to not have it to show it off. So stay tuned for that! My apologies for the lack of updates- been a little crazy and as we move into October it is gaurenteed to get worse but I still hope to make some time for crafting :)