Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here goes...

Hello everyone!! I think I am finally settled with this blog situation now that I am just blogging straight through blogger. Not entirely satisfied with the look of things, however, I think I can manage and start to post here hopefully at least weekly!! It is going to be my new goal to do so in an effort to motivate myself to get a few pages done each week with the final goal of completing my nephew's 1st year book before my THIRD nephew comes along in October :)
I used to have a webpage hosted and did all kinds of stuff on that website including creating layouts and all that jazz. Then I graduated high school, entered the real world and moved on. It is not that I ever lost interest, just had other things that took my attention (like scrapbooking and my first nephew, Adam who was born just days after graduation).
Anyway, welcome to my blog which will hopefully show case some of my scrapbooking and other craft creations.  Please feel free to comment when I post my pages :)
Thanks for checking me out!