Friday, April 12, 2013

Inspiring quotes #5

I really meant to get this up for its designated day on Thursday, but different work hours on Thursday and last minute changes in plans to meet with a friend on Wednesday just didn't allow it.

I knew I definitely still wanted to post - kind of for selfish reasons, really.  First off, I was having a mini party for part of the day Thursday because I put it for a shift hours change that would have been great- and I was told they couldn't let me because I haven't been in my current one for a year yet. I started in August of last year, so I still have four months to go. Boohoo.
Second, after I got over that, I had a nice run- my last until my 10k run on Sunday for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training that I talked about here. This felt great so I came home, reposted my fundraising page, ate some dinner, took a nap, cleaned a little, and checked my email. This may seem ordinary- its not. A girl I knew from way back when- freshman year in high school or before mabe?? Donated to my fundraising goals. It wasn't a lot, but it brought tears to my eyes. This might seem ridiculous but let me explain. She and her husband welcomed into the world a very premature baby earlier this year and have been through so much that she is the last person I expected to see anything from. Not to mention I don't get to talk to her much and probably the biggest thing we have in common is our birthdays!!Yep, we are both born on the same day- year- everything..

Soooo needless to say feeling pretty blessed and lucky and inspired as I write this late Thursday night (almost Friday).  Anyway, enough jibber-jabber and on to the quotes!!

(Because seriously, in my world, it totally is)

(Remember this. Important to take a time out sometimes)


(Turn your blessings into blessings for others. It is too easy to feel sorry for yourself and takes a special stregth to remember how good you really have it.) 

So there it is, friends. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I might have one of those weeks where I am MIA until Wednesday with my race being early Sunday morning. Who knows, life might surprise me.

Enjoy the sunshine, friends, family, and whatever else that makes your life wonderful. 


Maria said... [Reply]

I love the count your blessings mom has always said to count your blessings when times are trying. That's so sweet the girl you knew for hs donated! Really sweet!
I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! Xoxo